Professional of the Year

Members who made outstanding contributions during the previous year to the Environmental Health Field

Lifetime Achievement Award

Members who have made outstanding contributions to the profession and/or Association throughout the years

Service Award

Long-term members who are retiring

Candidates can be nominated by any member of IEHA and must be received by the IEHA President no later than February 26, 2018.

Eligibility: to be eligible a nominee must:

  1. Be a member in good standing of IEHA.
  2. Be actively engaged in the field of environmental health.
  3. Have performed professional duties in the field of environmental health above and beyond the usual employment requirements so as to elevate the professional status of the Environmental Health Professional.

Nomination Document: The following format should be used for submission of nominations:

  1. General: Description of the personal facts regarding the nominee
  2. Education: Listing of formal education, as well as special training and experience
  3. Employment History: Places of employment; include any IEHA officer or committee responsibilities and any other professional organizational affiliations
  4. Contributions: Contributions worthy of statewide interest that are to the betterment of Environmental Health. Some examples may be: publications authored or co-authored by the candidate; significant scientific or applied research; accomplishments in the development or implementation of new, broader or improved concepts; procedures or techniques in the practice of environmental health
  5. Other: significant contribution to the professional status of EHS’s not covered in categories above. Examples may include civic or school activities or affiliations; endorsements; or other significant documents.

Those who prepare a document in support of a nomination should keep in mind;

  1. The committee, when making the decision as to whom will receive the award, is limited to the contents of the support documents as its sole source of information
  2. Weight and volume of the application is not necessarily persuasive
  3. The committee does reserve the right to not grant the award during any year if they believe, based on the submitted documentation, that it should not be awarded to any nominee
  4. The award recipient will receive the nomination document as well as a plaque.

Deadline: The nomination document must be submitted to the IEHA President; Sherise Jurries, REHS, at [email protected] no later than Feb 26, 2018.

Award Application